Tales of Yui encourages you to bring the inspiring cultural story of “yui” into your life.

Takasago Dolls representing the longevity of love
The beauty of Japan, the history, the mystic of traditions layered upon traditions, where meaning takes form, and form creates meaning. For over 16 centuries, the yuinoh engagement ceremony was the beginning of a union not just between husband and wife but between families, creating bonds or “yui” to last a lifetime.

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Takasago Dolls

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Hand-carved by master craftsmen

Ceremonial Sake Trays & Barrels

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Celebratory Sake Sets are used in Japanese marriage ceremonies

Mizuhiki String Art

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Traditional Japanese string art in the form of animals and figures representing love, happiness, long life, etc.

Golden Folding Screens

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These miniature folding screens are covered in gold leaf and lend elegance and luxury to your displays.